Gits Jalebi or Jilebi Mix 100g

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Gits Jilebi Mix with free jalebi maker bottle is 100% Vegetarian Mix. Traditional crispy, juicy, saffron hued indian sweet made from fermented batter of wheat flour and lentil.The bater is extruded in pretzel like shape, deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup for few seconds.Jalebis are traditionally enjoyed in india as breakfast with glass of milk.


Refined wheat flour, Lentils flour,Hydrogenated vegetable oil (Palmolein oil & Sesame oil). Raising agents (Sodium bicarbonate & Citric acid). Natural colour and butylated hydroxy anisole (Preservative).

Watch here how to make Jalebi mix


Method of preparations

1) Mix the contents of the pack with 125ml water.Sir to a smooth batter. Pour into gits jalebi maker or alternatively in thick cloth with small hole. 

2) Heat 250g edible oil or ghee in a shallow pan.Hold the nozzle of the alebi maker just above the surface of the oil.Squeeze to make 3.5 circles with the batter starting from the centre and sealing the end in the last round. Deep fry on medium heat till Crisp and golden. Keep aside for 1-2 min after frying.

3) Immerse jaleis in warm sugar syrup for 20 seconds. Serve hot or cold.

Directions for preparation of sugar syrup.

1)Dissolve 300g sugar in 240ml water.Bring to boil.Reduce heat and simmer for 5-6 mins. Add few strands of saffron to the sugar syrup for better flavour.

Manufactured and packed india.

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